WHITE PAPER: 5 Cutting-Edge Online Marketing Platforms for Home Builders

November 30, 2017

The home buyer journey isn’t as simple as it used to be.

It used to go something like this: You’d get a referral, make contact, and schedule a few showings. Within a month, you might have a new home under contract.

But that’s no longer the reality for many of today’s builders.

Home buyer needs have changed, and so has the ideal home buying experience. Buyers begin searching for homes up to 12 months before actually making a purchase, while the entire home buying journey can span more than two years. Builders need to cultivate longer relationships with their customers than they used to, and much of that relationship nurturing is taking place online.

With two-thirds of a buyer’s journey now unfolding in digital spaces, a solid digital marketing strategy is a must-have for builders—especially those who want to reach the coveted Millennial demographic, which accounts for one in three home buyers. Between their digital prowess and their high consumer expectations, Millennials are challenging the marketing of industries across the board. They want their needs and expectations met and new home construction is no exception.

White Paper: Cutting Edge Online Marketing for Home Builders

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